The concept behind the Name

'One Thousand Chapters'

came from my love for books. A book can take your imagination to another world, the smell, the texture, the words. I absolutely love little hidden bookstores and I am a sucker for pretty looking books. 

When the name crossed my mind, it fit so well into my concept for the brand, and I just went with it. I believe all good things happen for a reason, if it feels right then go with it...and that's exactly how the name was born.

Our brand is based around unique accessories such as Earrings, Necklaces, Hair Accessories, Bangles and Healing Jewellery. If you are looking for a statement piece, a gift for a friend, or a beautiful piece that has healing properties for your mind, body and spirit, 

welcome, and happy shopping.

We hand wrap our jewellery in chapter book paper, because every piece tells a story.

amethyst crystal cuff bangle and rose quartz cuff bangle
one thousand chapters


The founder of One Thousand Chapters (let's just call her Red) decided that she wanted to work as a duo rather than a solo business chick, because let's face it... Two fabulous minds are better than one right? Red decided that Blue would be the other person to complete the missing puzzle of our business. 

One Thousand Chapters is a duo of two like-minded, crazy, vibrant business gals ready to conquer the world - with some champagne and lipstick first, and maybe lots of coffee once the champagne runs out. Our products are exclusively hand picked by Red, and then run by blue for that much needed second opinion and support. If we cannot see ourselves wearing a particular item, then we don't bother purchasing it. It is really that simple! If it does not spark joy in our hearts, then it's thank you, NEXT! 

We only purchase products we truly love and we hope you will love and appreciate them too.

We would love to thank you all for supporting our business. 

Hugs, kisses and lots of champagne!